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  • Who the one person that must be responsible for the marketing of your business

  • Why the use of "image advertising" is a complete waste of time and money yet over 90% of business people swear by

  • How to use simple gifts like "doughnuts," "chocolates" and other snacks, to warm up a prospect! (Hmmm...plain or peanut?)

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Monday morning, 9:19 AM
From Sandy Barris
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Are you going nuts because your current marketing efforts are not bringing in the right kind of sales leads you want?

Are you climbing the walls because your marketing isn't paying for itself and you feel you are throwing your hard earned money away?

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Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you have all the right marketing ideas. Ideas that launch you and your business into to the next level you have been dreaming about...a level that immediately begins to create profound, positive changes in the structure of your business...

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You don't have to take my word for this—because I'm wacko enough to let your try it for yourself—details later in this letter—at absolutely no risk to you, and all on me and find out for yourself that...

...these simple ideas really work!

You all ready know your marketing is the most powerful way to bring in more business. Typically, for about the price of a cup of coffee for a new client—your marketing can relentlessly go out and deliver your message perfectly, every time.

It will never call in sick. It will never complain. And it will never quit on you. Simply put, a powerful marketing effort is like having a little automatic, money-making printing press working for you, tirelessly...day and night.

But Creating Winning Marketing
Is The Hard Part...

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make your marketing efforts work - while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right marketing idea, you can now have "97 Marketing Secrets" containing, 1007+ of proven, hard-hitting, profit-generating marketing ideas for your business, ready at a snap of your fingers-- announcing:

"97 Marketing Secrets To Make More Money:
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With just a few of these 1007+ crazy but simple (yet extremely powerful) marketing secrets and ideas you'll be way ahead of your competition and will never be at a loss for marketing ideas.

At Last! Insanely Effective Marketing Ideas That I Promise Will Bring You All The Business You Want...Or You'll Get Every Penny You Spent On These Secrets Back, No Questions Asked.

Now, Maybe you're a sales rep looking to attract more leads...no problem! Just read Secret 98 on pages 137-141, it shows you 17 mistakes to avoid in any selling situation. And, included in each selling mistake are 2 or 3 different ideas that will make or save you a lot of money. Total ideas in Secret 98, around 39.

Let's do some quick math together. Knowing that each of the 97 marketing secrets has 6 to 12 ideas. You are actually getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 1007+ business and marketing ideas.

Just think of the advantage you will have over your competitors, 1007+ ideas you can turn on when you need more business or turn off when you have to much business.

"Sandy—I was skeptical when I read your web site about 97 marketing secrets. But I took a chance. Boy was I surprised.

Your book has help me in uncountable ways to market my company better then my competitors. Your secrets have opened many new doors to marketing my Audio Visual Company better.

So far your secrets have helped me get a 28.1% response from my monthly mailings in just two months. So far I have booked 13 gigs and have made $10,883. I can only imagine what this number will be in a year or two—all because of these 97 secrets.

Secret number 21 has helped me get 9 new clients, just buy simply asking my existing clients for referrals. I got to say this, anyone who is starting a new business MUST read this book first."
Aaron Sawyer-President
Visionary Sound Productions LLC

Perhaps you own a cleaning business, retail store or a restaurant and want a quick way to increase your business? - Easy!  Secret 100 on page B1 in the Free Bonus section is guaranteed to produce an immediate "cash surge" whenever you want. And you'll kick yourself, because it's so simple.

Are you a professional? Well, just open to page 32, Secret 21 where you will find 12 ideas revealing how to get your existing clients to refer you all their friends, family and business associates.

How about this... on page 98, secret 73 shows how "15 minutes of fame" will help any physician, chiropractor, dentist, accountant, lawyer or veterinarian become the go-to-person in his/her community for the services they offer.

What's a great idea worth, the kind that attracts new clients like a powerful magnet and keeps them loyal business partners and friends? One idea that works consistently is invaluable; how about 97 "Marketing Secrets" that should be in the library of every business person who wants to be a winner no matter what the economic climate.

Sandy Barris has shared these marketing techniques in his 97 Marketing Secrets To Make More Money. Sandy's manual for success is loaded with common sense along with little known secrets that turn prospects into customers! So what are you waiting for?

Let Sandy's marketing savvy help your business grow and thrive. It's one investment that can pay for its self immediately--over and over again!
Len Iden,
Writer, communication consultant
and president of The Write On Group.

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(PLEASE NOTE: Since this file is 124.8 megabytes and growing daily. You will be mailed these wealth building ads on a CD ROM - FREE and it's not unusual for me to include some extra special surprise bonuses.)

Now, would you love to have more business that actually is profitable... and fun to have... business that gives you a higher ROI, week after week, month after month for 1, 3, 5 even 25 years in a row during up or down economies?

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    JEFF STANISLOW: president

    Now, Before We Go On,
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    This time, when you walk in, your phone is ringing, your email is loaded with people who want to do business with you (not spammers, OK some spam), your business just comes to life just as you always dreamed.

    You see, from the very first marketing secret or idea you use, you'll notice a difference in your business!

"You've heard it before. If you just use one or two of Sandy's ideas, it was certainly worth the read. The reality is that a good marketer will use dozens of these ideas.

Sandy Barris  has a passion for making more money, and he learns from the best marketing minds. He shares the best of these ideas in 97 Marketing Secrets to Make More Money.  It's impossible to read this book without being re-energized."
Barry Melamed, Owner
The Print House, Inc.

    So...Are You Beginning
    To See The Possibilities?

It's Nuts. This guide shows you exactly what you need to know to get the right clients to come and find you, seek you out.

It will show you...

    • How to at least double your response with dozens of ways to leverage every marketing effort.

    • 14 simple ways to plan and set your business goals.

    • 22 direct marketing secrets to improve every marketing effort?

    • How to weed out and systematically "fire" clients who are a pain the butt, don't value your services, or don't pay on time. Learn how to replace them with high-quality clients who you'll love to do business with.

    • How to write powerful headlines and bullets that will improve your response rate by at least 400%.

    • You'll be able to roll out a new, low cost or free marketing ideas at least three to four times faster then your competitors.

    • You'll be able to spot a great ad, marketing ideas or offers—ten times easier and faster then every before.

    • How to turn your business cards into powerful selling tool.

    • Amazing advertising, sales and marketing techniques proven to boost your sales and profits by 113% to 527% - FAST

    • Discover how to mine the profits hidden in your client base - without any "hard sell" tactics whatsoever. I'll show you how to do tens of thousands dollars more business with your clients - and have them thank you for it.?

    Yes! And most important of all, this guide shows you how to professionally organize your marketing -­ target, track, test , retest and tweek everything before you invest your hard earned dollars.

    Here's more insane news:

    No Matter What Product or Service You Sell... I Promise You’ll Find At Least 471 Marketing Ideas That Have Been Written Just For You...

    OK — let me send you this guide, and prove that these secret ideas will work for you, or it doesn't cost you a penny!

    But, come to think of it, these marketing secrets are actually FREE. Because when you total up all the money you make from even one of the 1007+ ideas, you'll realize, it really was free.

And, this is important, since only one or two secrets are needed to explode your business to the next level—this investment of LESS THAN TEN CENTS FOR EACH MONEY MAKING IDEA will be an easy decision for you.

    "Sanford Barris has written a must-read book for anyone and everyone in every business.  97 Marketing Secrets to Make More Money will do just that for the reader.  These secrets are presented in a well-organized format with a dash of humor. 

    Mr. Barris motivates the reader through personal business experiences, wonderful quotations and interaction - compelling the reader to make notes and plan for implementation each of these proven successful marketing steps.  And, as a bonus, 99 secrets are revealed, proving that you get more than you pay for from Mr. Barris."
    Theodore R. Kelter III
    Vice President

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    Just picture this, one-minute from now, when you download these "Marketing Secrets." You open up and start reading these 97 marketing secrets and 1007+ ideas. Then the following week you are going to open up your new million dollar ebook SWIPE File and bonuses we sent you...

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    That's all you'll do because you will improve your marketing in these eight different ways.

  • You'll get higher response to any marketing effort...

  • You'll close more sales...

  • You'll learn why testing will save you thousands of dollars...

  • You'll discover the “key” to growing any business right...

  • How to get other businesses to help you grow your business… at… no cost or risk to you...

  • You'll learn what a USP is… and… how to identify and use it to gain a distinct advantage over your competitors...

  • You'll understand the real reason why you should communicate with your customers on a frequent basis...

  • You'll avoid the frequent (and fatal) error made in many marketing efforts and how you can avoid it..

  • I promise , within one week, after seeing all the secrets in this guide, you will know how to make as much money as you want...You'll eliminate the expense of attending three thousand dollars weekend seminars and buying other marketing materials that take up your time and energy.

    Marketing IS Habit Forming.

    Let me give you a real life example:
    —Let me spill my guts to you with my story...

    Like you, I've been searching for business, sales and marketing ideas all the time. Much of the stuff I find is OK. Occasionally, I run into something that is amazing and has changed my clients and my business forever—that one A-ha moment where everything just fits right.

    That said, here's what happened that kicked me in the butt to start focusing on learning everything possible about direct response marketing.

    Back in 1988— slam— I was laid off of a job as a graphic designer, after 9.5 years. My third child Kelsey was just born and I was wondering, were will my next dollar come from to pay for everything.

    So, I started freelancing, creating brochures and other marketing stuff for anyone who would give me a chance. Along the way, my clients started asking me to help them market their businesses.

    But, I was a graphic designer, which is a far cry from a direct marketer. The truth is... I started hitting the books, attending seminars and testing all the ideas I was absorbing along the way.

    Sometimes I spent more that 11 hours a day at the library, searching and learning and reading and listening to everything I could find.

    You probably know just what I'm talking about from your own experience.

    Now here's the kicker, everywhere I went and almost everything I learned, I would write down quick notes on 3x5, 5x7 cards and legal pads. I'd even jump out of the shower (wipe my hands off) and write quick notes of a new idea or two thoughts that combined out of thin air.

    Anyway, after years of taking notes, jotting everything down. I had this huge stack of marketing secrets and ideas.

    Did You Ever See
    A Grown Man Cry?

    All my cards and notes disappeared. I was going crazy.
    I thought I looked everywhere, but could never find them.

    Here's what happened. 12 years ago, when I moved to a new home, I packed the cards up into boxes. They got misplaced,
    but was clueless were they went at the time.

    Now, about, three years ago, my wife started pestering me to clean the storage unit. It's loaded with stuff from my parents, grandparents, my son and our junk.

    Then, while rummaging through the boxes in the storage unit she found all the note cards and legal pads.

    Wow, after 12 years, finding all of these cards broken rubber-banded together in a box, it was something. You should have seen my smile, it would have lit up the night sky.

    So, it adds up to this. After reading all the notes for months, my wife suggested "either do something with them" or she would... who knows what? Needless to say, I had to do something with all those notes.

    "I want to say—I see a lot of materials, A lot of products and a lot of books—this is unbelievable. I mean—it succinctly puts it together — in a format that's easy to understand and is user friendly. I'm really impressed with Sandy's passion about what he is doing. He throws a lot of value into this deal."
    Alan Rothman - Host
    Business of Success Talk Radio

    To make a short story longer, the following Saturday afternoon, one of my best friends came over. After having a few home brews, he saw all of the note cards and read a few. After about five minutes he got this weird look on his face, looked me straight in the eyes and said:

    "Sandy, you must share these marketing secrets and ideas other business owners! But, you should only share them with people who are gutsy enough to actually understand the priceless value of these secrets — someone
    who wants to make a lot more money!"

    So that's how we came up with the title:

    I Gotta Tell You, These Ideas
    Were NEVER Intended To Be Shared
    With Anyone Except My Clients!

    These private notes were secrets that I discovered. Secrets that would help make the largest amount of money for me and my clients. We're like family, learning and growing together...

    ...I never could have imagined or predicted!

    And the funny thing was, there they where all the time. In a box in the storage unit. The breakthroughs, and the new insights that helped many of my clients. It was hard to understand why I hadn't thought of looking in the storage unit.

    I could hardly wait to read each and every card or note to find out what was written so long ago. 12 years worth of notes that were written down almost every time that I discovered a unique secret.

    "I recommend this book to anyone in business who wants to find more customers and prospects."
    Gerry Weinberg
    Sandler Sales Institute

    As you know, a lot has changed in marketing and a lot will never change. But, I got to tell you, between losing and finding these marketing ideas, I've learned a lot about how to market on the internet and the many other newer media. As I continued helping my clients, I couldn't help but learn more marketing secrets. I still wrote them down on cards and note pads

    This amazing business and marketing information, the fruits of all I went through during this learning curve...All are packed into the guide I wrote should...you choose to take advantage of the totally risk-free offer I'm going to make you so you can get your hands on these amazing secrets for yourself.

    Should you decide to order this book, you'll get my 28 years of experience and also get 83 years of advertising, marketing and business secrets from gurus and experts like: Jay Abraham, Rosser Reeves, Gary Halbert, Clyde Bedell, Bill Glazer, David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, Bob Bly, John Carlton, Ted Nichols, Leo Burnett, Yanik Silver, Victor Schwab, James Webb Young, J. Conrad Levinson, Robert Middleton, John Caples, Zig Ziglar, Jim Edwards, Joe Polish, William Bernbach, Perry Marshall, Robert Collier, E. Haldeman-Julius, Bob Serling, Claude Hopkins, Joe Sugarman, Paul Hartunian, John E. Kennedy, Joe Vitale, Albert Lasker, Maxwell Sackheim, just to name a few of my mentors, heros and influences.

    And, these people are the sharpest mind ever to create marketing ideas.

    You can probably see why these marketing ideas might...

    ...increase your business!

    You see, when these secrets combine to leverage your business. You will be shocked by the sudden possibilities that will start happening in your life!

    Pretty exciting, don't you think? Over the many years as these secrets were discovered, I've consistently noticed that any business owner that used them (and reported back) said the were getting much high responses from their marketing efforts. Some didn't know exactly why, but, were beginning to figure it out!

    "Sandy has cracked the code and this book will help you save time and make money.

    He's taken years of marketing expertise and secrets that you would have to read over 150 marketing books, to find and put them into one book. As a leading publicity expert, I know how tough marketing can be, and I believe in this book.

    In my opinion, Secret #9 is the most important, and once you apply this your business will never be the same."
    Robert Smith
    Publicity Expert and Speaker

OK, You All Ready Know I'm Crazy Enough To Sell These Secrets For Just $27.97, So Here's Why They Are Priced This Fairly...

Well, first off, I sure hope you realize that this collection of marketing secrets and ideas could easily sell for thousands of dollars. In fact if you asked some of my clients what I charge for personally helping them grow their businesses, they would tell you tens of thousands of dollars. And almost all of the ideas are in this guide for you to use.

Also, the guide has been heartily endorsed by scores of business owners and marketing experts. Jay Levinson, the father of guerilla marketing, The Entrepreneurial Network of Michigan, The Business of Success radio show as well many other business publications.

What's more, (I currently charge a minimum of $4,500.00 per marketing project -- and that’s for the really small jobs). So at a bare bones minimum you're getting thousands and thousands of dollars worth of powerful marketing secrets and ideas for you to start using within 5 minutes or downloading them.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for all 97 money-making marketing secrets and over 1007+ marketing ideas is just a small investment $27 bucks and some small change.

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Why Am I Nuts Enough To Giving These Secrets Away To You For A Messily $27.97?

Well, its really quite simple. Since you're ordering these secrets on the internet, I don't need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone because its all processed automatically (though, you are welcome to call me at 248-335-8080 to rest assured that I am a real person). This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I should be committed to a mental hospital.

So, if you are more sane than me,
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    Sandy, I'm hopeful you'll be willing to share my comments with others because there are many small business owners who could benefit greatly.

    Specifically, you've put together a fantastic book - "97 Marketing Secrets to Make More Money" and I've been telling many people about it.

    For those business owners who know everything there is to know about marketing, this is NOT the book for you. However, if you're like me and are consistently looking for helpful resource that use simple concepts and easy implementation tactics, then this IS the book for you.  

    Thanks again Sandy for your commitment to helping the small business community improve on and exceed its expectations.
    Preston True - The Growth Coach

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